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DongWoo facts

Birth Name: Jang Dong Woo

Stage Name: Dongwoo

Nickname: Dinosaur, Monkey Boy, Kenyan, Mother of Infinite, Smile Man

Date of Birth: November 22, 1990

Height: 175 cm

Position: Rapper

Blood Type: A

Personality: Funny



Dongwoo mostly dance in R&B style during his audition.
Dongwoo’s sister used to be a dancer and he learned how to dance from her.
Dongwoo learned how to rap from Epik High’s Mithra Jin and Gonzo.
Dongwoo shares a room with the manager before.
Dongwoo has two older sisters who are six years and three years older than him. 
Dongwoo sometimes writes his stories in a journal. He writes his daily tasks down.
For Dongwoo, the best body part of him are his lips and his eyes.
For Dongwoo, Kenya is an alter ego.
Dongwoo had been really sad when there were days when nothing seems to go his way.
Dongwoo family had octopus resaurant.
Dongwoo ever ripped his pants while he was dancing on MBC’s Infinity Girls.
Dongwoo is from the Gyeonggi provice of South Korea
Dongwoo’s nickname at school was WooDong
Sweet statement that Dongwoo wants to say to someone he loves on valentine’s day is “Thanks for meeting a guy like me. Instead of the chocolates that everyone else gives, take me.”
Dongwoo is know as the ‘gummed angel’ among the boys because he has a beautiful smile.
Dongwoo thinks that he looks like a dinosaur, donkey and horse.
Dongwoo wouldn’t do anything if he wants to seduce a girl because his charisma speak for him.
Along with L, he’s really hard to woke up even you have to shake him
Dongwoo plays the online game ‘Dungeon and Fighter’
Dongwoo wants to try performing in the air whilst being hung from wires. 
Dongwoo choose BEAST’s Yoseob as an idol he want to duet with
Dongwoo, Hoya, Sungyeol, and Sungjong who had duet stages in Second Invasion will all be having their own solo stages in Second Invasion: Evolution.
When asked what kind of smell he likes, Dongwoo answered with Versace’s, Versace Man Eau Fraiche. 
Sungyeol and Myungsoo think that it’s a mystery as to how Dongwoo can sleep in his bed.Because there’s so much stuff in/on it; books, teddy bears, plastic bottles, chopstick etc.
Dongwoo has been told that his eyes are similar to Ryuk’s eyes from Death Note.
Dongwoo once had a girlfriend who cheated on him twice, but he still forgave her.
The member who calls their parents the most is Dongwoo, and the one who calls the least is Woohyun. 
Dongwoo and Hoya are officially registered as songwriters with the Korean Music Copyright Association. Hoya for White Confession, and Dongwoo for both White Confession and Cover Girl.
Dongwoo previously said that he didn’t like eating oysters. But recently he ate roasted oysters, and is trying hard to overcome is weaknesses. 
If Dongwoo had a girlfriend, the song he’d want to sing to her is Yurisangja’s ‘Can I love You’.
He’ll date Woohyun if he was a girl
Dongwoo favorite Japanese food is Cabonara udon, Beef cutlet rice, Gyudon (beef + rice)
Out of all his hairstyles from debut to now, the one that Dongwoo has liked the most is his red hair. 
If Dongwoo was given a whole day of free time to do whatever he liked, he’d want to go a drive with his family.
Dongwoo is the only member who has raised a dog before.
Dongwoo’s shared a candy kiss before with a dancer noona whom he still likes called Han Yeseul 
Dongwoo likes his laugh because it’s kind of higher pitch than normal so when a lot of people are laughing at the same time you can still hear/distinguish his laugh.
For his audition, Dongwoo sang 2AM’s 아니라기에 (Not Because). 
Dongwoo said on tonight’s Sukira that his ideal type is Park Shin Hye. 
Dongwoo drinks up to 3 litres of water a day.
Dongwoo’s phone is Samsung Galaxy S2
In their new dorm Dongwoo sharing a room with L, Sungyeol and their manager
Dongwoo cried the most
Dongwoo once attend JYP audition
‘Infinite H’ is a sub-unit which stands for ‘Infinite Hip Hop’ and consists of the rapper line, Dongwoo and Hoya.
Dongwoo picked Woohyun as the best member, because of his ability to lead and bring all the members to one place.
If Dongwoo wasn’t a celebrity he’d want to have become a Chinese herbal medicine doctor. 
Instead of a pillow, Dongwoo uses a stuffed banana plushie.
Dongwoo’s facial complex is his teeth. 
Dongwoo likes stuffed toys/animals, while Myungsoo hates them. They both share a room, and one time Myungsoo got angry to Dongwoo over his stuffed animals. 
Dongwoo likes lemons to the point where he can eat them whole.
Dongwoo’s first impression of Woohyun was good. Except his hair. 
Apart from green, Dongwoo’s other favourite colours are gold and white.
Dongwoo thinks out of all the members, he has the most positivity. 
The celebrity closest to Dongwoo’s ideal type is Lee Minjung.
People have told Dongwoo that the way he eats is kind of like a dinosaur.
Dongwoo has a pair of dinosaur pajamas, Woohyun has a pair of cow ones, while Hoya owns a giraffe one.
Both Hoya and Dongwoo envy Myungsoo the most out of the members. Dongwoo said it was because he’s like a perfect sculpture, and Hoya said it was because he’s good looking.
If the apocalypse was coming, Dongwoo would say goodbye to his family then go to sleep so he won’t know if the apocalypse comes. 
Dongwoo has a fear of bleeding.
In order to propose to the one he loves, Dongwoo would borrow a small boat and make it seem like a coincidence. Then when they’re alone, he’ll confess his heart.
If Dongwoo was kidnapped for no reason and locked in a room, he’d first try and find out why he was captured. If it was for a good reason, he’d just go along with it. But if not, he’d try to be funny so that the kidnappers would feel better and let him go.
If the whole world was frozen, Dongwoo would firstly eat everything, and wear everything. Then he would drive around in one of the top cars and play with electronics as much as he wants. After that he’d go to a foreign country and go sightseeing. 
Dongwoo uses a lavender scented body lotion.
Dongwoo would like it if his members succeed more than himself. 
Dongwoo’s favourite colour is green.
Both Dongwoo and Sungyeol sleep with their eyes slightly open.
If the woman Dongwoo loved turned out to be bald and a plastic surgery beauty, Dongwoo would tell her that it’s okay. If she tried to hide it, he’d get mad and tell her she looks prettier when she’s bald. 
Dongwoo’s been told he looks like Jim Carrey.
Instead of having a doppelganger, Dongwoo thinks he looks more like animals like dinosaurs, donkeys and horses. 
Dongwoo is the only one who has his driver’s license.
If Dongwoo was born in Kenya in his next life, he said he would be the Kenyan prince of the animals. 
Dongwoo thinks that the sexiest part of his body is his thick lips.
The cleanest member is Dongwoo, and the dirtiest member is Myungsoo. 
He likes to bring useless stuff in his bag because he think it would be useful in another time.



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